1. So which movie of this genre (36 Hours, post WWII, WWII movie) would you recommend?
  • The Great Escape: Garner’s in this one to. Based on a true story, which it pretty much follows (except for the McQueen bike chase).
  • The Dam Busters: The British Commonwealth was fighting the war two years prior to the United States entry, so they need to be represented. Stars Richard Todd, a WWII war hero and includes a quite famous soundtrack. Also based on a true story.
  • Bridge on the River Kwai: This is a “secret mission“ movie combined with a POW movie. And both work very well. Great theme song.
  • Sands of Iwo Jima: Two words “John” “Wayne”.
  • Twelve O’Clock High: Highlights the duty required by leaders and the toll it takes on them. I watched this film in NROTC, as an example of leadership.
  • The Longest Day: Historically accurate portrayal of D-Day. It contains a great tracking shot that is fairly realistic considering it was filmed prior to CGI.
  • The Guns of Navarone: Possibly one of the best “secret mission” movies ever made. That and you get Anthony Quinn.


  • I considered the genre in your question, to be the same genre for the movie I reviewed, that being WWII movies from 1939 through the mid-60s.
  • I did not consider war movies that were too abstract in their connection to WWII. A movie such as The Third Man, while excellent, is therefore not included.